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Process Analysis

About Process Analysis

JICA has been trying to find appropriate ways to revisit and deepen analysis on the process through which project outcomes are produced. We have so far tested this for several projects on which we applied different analytical approaches. One of them is the"project ethnography" approach. This is a method used to document the implementation process of a development project referring to Ethnography; a method used in anthropology to record findings from the field studies. The "project ethnography" approach involves the reconstruction of "realities of the ground" from diverse perspectives; not only those of project beneficiaries but also various other stakeholders, including donors, and describes the findings in a narrative style. It helps readers to vicariously experience what happened on the ground and to learn practical lessons by themselves.

To highlight the process of project implementation for the purpose of learning has been a global trend and a shared interest among donor agencies, as exemplified by the Global Delivery Initiative (GDI)*1 led by the World Bank. Our initiatives also respond to such orientation.

*1: The GDI is a knowledge platform for the international development community. It is an initiative led by the World Bank and participated by the United Nations Development Programme and other multilateral and bilateral donors as well as development research institutions to share the results of systematic analyses focusing on what works, as well as why and how. To be more specific, this initiative aims to classify challenges when implementing development projects ("delivery challenges"), systemize the knowledge required to address such challenges and share it alongside information on personal networks that can help solve them so that development practitioners can access useful knowledge and experts on a timely basis to improve their project implementation.

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