JICA Ogata Research Institute

Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction

Japan and its East Asian neighbors are considered success stories of economic development, having achieved growth in conjunction with poverty reduction. Infrastructure has played an important role in this process of development and is one of the major areas of Japan’s development cooperation provided to developing countries. Therefore, our research includes an analysis of the socio-economic impacts of infrastructure projects on developing countries. We also aim to review the concept of the “Quality Growth” and to form a theoretical basis for Japan to lead the international discussions on the topic.
Furthermore, we conduct research on the financial situation of developing countries, including an analysis of dollarization and remittances, which may have a significant influence on each nation’s domestic economy and people's lives.
In addition, we conduct empirical analyses of support for rice production and small-scale horticulture farmers in Africa to promote further development and poverty reduction in African countries.

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