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Water Resources and Water Supply


Japan's Experience on Water Resources Management

Main Report Texts Slides
For Training Presentation
Executive Summary (PDF/7.14MB) (Power Point/18.4MB)
Theme 1. Governance    
Theme 1-1. Legislation and Organization (PDF/1.79MB) (Power Point/2.82MB)
Theme 1-2. Water Rights (PDF/3.37MB) (Power Point/4.45MB)
Theme 1-3. Public Participation and Decision-Making Process (PDF/3.05KB) (Power Point/4.18MB)
Theme 2. Plan-Based Management    
Theme 2-1. Management Planning (PDF/2.22MB) (Power Point/2.68MB)
Theme 2-2. River Basin Planning (PDF/2.33MB) (Power Point/9.73MB)
Theme 3. Finance (PDF/756KB) (Power Point/6.15MB)
Theme 4. Water Pollution and Environmental Management (PDF/5.56MB) (Power Point/11.4MB)
(PDF/2.79 MB)
Theme 5. Urban Water Management (PDF/4.74MB) (Power Point/18.9MB)
Theme 6. River Management (PDF/4.29MB) (Power Point/11.2MB)
Theme 7. Groundwater Management (PDF/3.61MB) (Power Point/5.12MB)
Theme 8. Dam Management (PDF/6.33MB) (Power Point/17.7MB)
Theme 9. Environmental and Social Consideration in Large scale Projects (PDF/2.34MB) (Power Point/9.67MB)
Theme 10. Development of Human Resources and Technology (PDF/1.83MB) (Power Point/2.05MB)
Appendices Texts Slides
1. Land of Japan and History of Water Resources Management (PDF/998KB) -
2. Glossary (PDF/701KB) -
3. Events Related to Water Resources (PDF/130KB) -
4. Translation of Water Related Acts and Laws (PDF/288KB) -

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