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JICA-RI Monthly Updates (May, 2017)

  May, 2017  
Africa's Structural Transformation Discussed at the TICAD VI Follow-up Event
Evaluating the Kaizen Project Based on a Survey of Management and Employees in Eight Countries of Central and South America: Go Shimada Gives a Presentation in Argentina
Working Paper: No.144 Focusing on the Quality of EIS to Solve the Constraints on EIA Systems in Developing Countries: A Literature Review
Working Paper: No.145 A Comparative Study of Urban Air Quality in Megacities in Mexico and Japan: Based on Japan-Mexico Joint Research Project on Formation Mechanism of Ozone, VOCs and PM2.5, and Proposal of Countermeasure Scenario
Working Paper: No.146 The Evolving Life Improvement Approach: From Home Taylorism to JICA Tsukuba, and Beyond
Symposium and Launch of the 2016 Human Development Report:
Human Development for Everyone

Date & time:
   May 18, 13:30 - 15:30
  International Conference Hall, 2nd Floor, JICA Research Institute, Tokyo
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