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JICA-RI Monthly Updates (January, 2018)

  January, 2018  
What Can We Do to Achieve the SDGs? Discussion with Professor Jeffrey Sachs
Findings of Joint Research with CSIS Presented at the 2017 Asia Think Tank Summit
Director Kitano Presents on JICA’s Efforts in Africa at the Shanghai Conference on Africa and Asia
JICA-RI Researcher Gomez Speaks About Disaster Risk Governance at Global Forum on Science and Technology for Disaster Resilience
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Event (November 29):
'Transforming our world' — Part I

A presentation by Jeffrey Sachs, Colombia University


Event (November 29):
'Transforming our world' — Part II

Discussion with Jeffrey Sachs and Tsuyoshi Sunohara, Professor by Special Appointment of Sophia University

*Audio contains English and Japanese speakers.

Working Paper No.158: What Motivates Japan’s International Volunteers? Categorizing Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (JOCVs)
Paper: Training-Infrastructure-Finance (TIF) Strategy for Industrial Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
Launch Seminar “Training-Infrastructure-Finance (TIF) Strategy for Industrial Development in Sub-Saharan Africa”

Date & time: January 10, 18:00 - 20:00
Venue:400 conference room, 4th floor, JICA Ichigaya Building, Tokyo
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