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Press Releases


March 9, 2022 An Inauguration Ceremony for The Project for Installation of Weather Surveillance Radar at Karachi
December 13, 2021 Japan announces new US$ 4.35 million grant to support Polio Programme in Pakistan
November 17, 2021 JICA and Sindh Government agrees to reduce student's dropout
October 21, 2021 Ground Breaking of PIMS Maternal and Child Health Center Expansion
October 13, 2021 Record of Discussions of the Project for Improvement of the Management Capacity of Water Supply Sector in Faisalabad Signed
October 5, 2021 Government of Japan through FAO supports the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for Locust Control in the Province
August 31, 2021 Japan provides US$31.4 million for Maternal and Child Health Care Facilities in Sindh and US$2.9 million for Human Resource Development Scholarship FY2021


March 19, 2021 Japan provides 39 million USD for water supply system in Faisalabad
March 8, 2021 Japan International Cooperation Agency and FAO join hands to enhance food and nutrition security of locust-affected smallholder farmers and control operations
February 10, 2021 An inauguration ceremony for "The Project for Establishment of Specialized Medium Range Weather Forecasting Center and Strengthening of Weather Forecasting System"
January 27, 2021 Japan renews commitment to support polio eradication efforts in Pakistan
January 25, 2021 Japan provides 1,986 million Japanese Yen for the for the Project for the Installation of Weather Surveillance Radar in Sukkur City
December 22, 2020 Japanese Contribution towards Risk Reduction against Natural Disasters in Pakistan
October 15, 2020 JICA Extended vital support to ensure food security and livelihood improvement of small agriculture farmers affected by locust in Balochistan Province.
October 2, 2020 Japan provides 471 million Japanese Yen to UN-Habitat for The Project for the improvement of Disaster Resilient School Infrastructure in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


March 4, 2020 [News] JICA President Kitaoka visited Pakistan and Palestine: Reaffirming efforts toward social peace and stability, and further strengthening relations with them
February 21, 2020 Regional Reference Laboratory for Polio Upgraded with Assistance from Japan
December 11, 2019 Japan renews support for Polio Eradication Programme in Pakistan New US$ 4.5 million Japanese grant to procure Oral Polio Vaccine
October 9, 2019 Japan extended vital support for establishment of three NII Container Scanning Terminals at Karachi and Bin Qasim Ports
August 21, 2019 JICA sends economic administration trainees for training in Japan
August 5, 2019 Japan provides 560 million Yen (5.2 million USD) to UNIDO to support Agri- Food and Agro- Industry Development in Pakistan's provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan
August 2, 2019 Japan Dispatches Trainees for Human Resource Development Scholarship
July 25, 2019 Japan provides Grant-Aid for The Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
July 10, 2019 JICA Designs and Handover the Master Plan for Faisalabad


March 20, 2019 Training Institute for Garment Industry was inaugurated, supported by JICA
February 22, 2019 Inauguration Ceremony of the Project for Strengthening of Training Center on Grid System Operations and Maintenance in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
December 10, 2018 The Promotion Seminar for the Scholarships for Government Officers under the Japanese Grant Aid Held of "The Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS)"
November 19, 2018 Japan provides 510 million Yen to assist Pakistan’s efforts for Polio Eradication


March 27, 2018 Japan extends a Grant Aid worth 2,892 million yen (approximately US $ 27.3 million) for two projects, "the Economic and Social Development Programme", and "the Project for Improvement of Airport Security (Phase 2)"
March 2, 2018 Japan to provide substantial support to Regional Polio Laboratory
February 28, 2018 Japan provides USD 3.5 million for Educating 15,000 Out-of-School children in Pakistan
February 27, 2018 Japan provides 7.7 million USD to support FMD control and the restoration of the livelihoods in FATA
January 13, 2018 JICA sends officials for training on Disaster Reduction in Japan
October 18, 2017 Japan provides 520 million Yen to assist Pakistan's efforts for Polio Eradication
September 15, 2017
August 31, 2017
August 1, 2017 Displaced persons returning to FATA receive assistance from FAO and JICA to secure agriculture based livelihoods
May 23, 2017 JICA to Support Capacity Building for Thermal Power Engineers
May 8, 2017
May 4, 2017 Launching Ceremony of Curriculum for Accelerated Learning Programme
May 3, 2017 JICA Dispatches Trainees for Rural Development


January 14, 2017 JICA sends trainees for Disaster Management Course training in Japan
December 15, 2016 Japan Inaugurated Child Health Institute in Karachi
December 2, 2016 Japan gifts WASA Gujranwala with equipment to improve sewerage & drainage system
November 29, 2016 Japan renews commitment to support polio eradication in Pakistan
November 7, 2016 JICA sends Economic Administration (Industrial Development & Promotion) Course-2016 members for Training in Japan
September 6, 2016 Japan Provided Airport Security Equipment worth Rs. 2 Billion For the 3 Major International Airports of Pakistan
July 27, 2016 JICA's Support for the Launch of Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling Program
May 20, 2016


March 15, 2016 Japan renews commitment to bring Pakistan closer to becoming polio-free
March 3, 2016 JICA to help WASA with Master Plan for water supply, sewerage and drainage in Faisalabad
March 1, 2016 Japan provides JPY 1,967 million (USD 17.5 million) to support Energy and Education in Pakistan
February 2, 2016 Japan to strengthen Pakistan's Textile Industry
February 2, 2016
October 31, 2015 JICA sends Basic Education Administration course trainees for Training in Japan
October 21, 2015 JICA to help NHA with bridge management system
October 15, 2015 Japan gifts water system to Abbottabad
July 18, 2015 JICA sends Rural development course trainees for training in Japan
July 15, 2015 JICA to Strengthen Non Formal Education
July 13, 2015 JICA to revive technical education in Punjab
July 8, 2015 Japan to renew weather surveillance radar system at Karachi
July 2, 2015 Japan funds FAO for the Recovery and Development of the Agricultural Economy in FATA
June 18, 2015 Japan to improve water supply system in Lahore and Faisalabad
May 7, 2015 JICA to revise curriculum at CTTI
May 5, 2015 JICA provides spare parts for ground water rigs in Balochistan


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