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JICA's Activities toward TICAD7

January 8, 2020 [Burundi] Towards a Sustainable and Resilient Society
December 19, 2019 [Guinea] Development Through Sustainable Use of Abundant Resources
December 19, 2019 [Gabon] Tackling Global Challenges With Local Perspectives
December 19, 2019 [Mali] Human development for peace and stability in Sahel
December 11, 2019 [Liberia] Rebuilding strong society after civil conflict and infectious disease outbreak
December 11, 2019 [Senegal] Center for stability and development in West Africa
December 4, 2019 [Tanzania] Multi-sectoral support rooted in the local community
December 4, 2019 [Tunisia] Supporting a Democratic Nation For More Stabile World
September 5, 2019 [Uganda] Supporting the "Key" of Logistics and Stability in East Africa
September 5, 2019 [Mozambique] The Challenge of Expanding New Possibilities
August 14, 2019 [Morocco] Teaming Up With Private Companies to Face Development Challenges
August 14, 2019 [Madagascar] Supporting the Growth of the Gateway to Asia Through Balanced Development
August 14, 2019 [Ghana] Supporting the Transition to a Middle-Income Country
August 14, 2019 [Egypt] Contributing to Neighboring Regions Through Human Resources Fostered by Mutual Trust
August 14, 2019 [Zimbabwe] Aiming for the Day When an Abundant Country Will Be Fully Revived
August 14, 2019 [Burkina Faso] Supporting improvement in food and nutrition
August 14, 2019 [Zambia] Seeking Abundance Not Dependent on Natural Resource Exports Alone
August 14, 2019 [Niger] Restoring a Green, Peaceful Sahel
August 14, 2019 [Malawi] Bringing Change to Malawi Through a Sense of Self-Motivation and Creativity
August 14, 2019 [South Africa] Creating a Rainbow of Hope Through Human Resource Development
August 14, 2019 [South Sudan] Persistent Assistance for Peace and Reconstruction
August 14, 2019 [Benin] Supporting the Growth of a Model Country for Democratization
July 22, 2019 [Democratic Republic of the Congo] Supporting Post-War National Reconstruction
July 22, 2019 [Angola] Building an abundant country through post-recovery economic development
July 22, 2019 [Cameroon] Supporting 'Africa in miniature' with human resources development
July 22, 2019 [Ethiopia] Cooperation that capitalizes on the potential to be a major country
July 16, 2019 [Nigeria] Supporting Health Care and Health in the 'Giant of Africa'
July 16, 2019 [Namibia] Together on the path to becoming a logistics hub
July 16, 2019 [Kenya] As a growth example for East Africa


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