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JICA-RI Monthly Updates (June, 2018)

  June, 2018  
Joint Research on Kaizen with GDN: Interim Authors' Workshop Held in Thailand
Senior Research Advisor Hosono Sheds Light on Demand from BOP at Industrial Development Report 2018 Launch Event
JICA-RI Researcher Tetsuya Kamijo Presents Findings at International Association for Impact Assessment Conference
Working Paper No.166:
Enlightening Communities and Parents for Improving Student Learning Evidence from Randomized Experiment in Niger
Working Paper No.167:
Stagnation of Integration in Aid Administration in South Africa —Choices Between Norms, Interests and Power Balance—
Working Paper No.168:
Were the Adverse Effects of Disability on Employment Mitigated during 2002-2015 in South Africa?: A Pseudo-Panel Approach
Estimating China’s Foreign Aid Using New Data: 2015-2016 Preliminary Figures—Contribution to AIIB significantly increased China’s aid volume
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