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Details of FY 2024

Master's Degree and Internship Program of African Business Education Initiative for Youth FY 2024

1. Eligible countries

JICA Cote d’Ivoire office is in charge of activities related to Cote d’Ivoire and Togo. Candidates with nationalities of the two countries are eligible for applications to our Office. For others, please contact the relevant Offices of your country.

2. Eligible applicants

As stated in the GI, the main target of the program is candidates from the private sector. However, government officials are also welcomed, as long as it is related to the areas of interest of Japanese companies. Please consult with JICA Cote d’Ivoire Office if you are interested in applying for the program at co_oso_rep@jica.go.jp.

3. Documents

A. General Information

B. Application Form

C. University Information for Applicants

"For inquiries regarding the General Information, please contact JICA Cote d’Ivoire office: co_oso_rep@jica.go.jp
All applications should be submitted by email to the following address: co_oso_rep@jica.go.jp
The subject of the email should be as follows: "[ABE Initiative FY2024] Submission of Application_[Name]"
Deadline for submission of applications: 15 October 2023 (Sunday) midnight
The application should be submitted in separate files:

  1. Application form + annexes (pdf format)
  2. Application form + annexes (original excel and word format, without signatures)
  3. Higher Education diplomas + transcripts
  4. Copy of Passport or National ID card (pdf, jpeg or png)
  5. English proficiency test certificate (Optional, but recommended to include in your application, as stated in the GI)


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