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Master's Degree and Internship Program of African Business Education Initiative for Youth (ABE Initiative)

December 1, 2022

ABE Initiative Reporting and Networking Session 2022 (Tunisia and Algeria)


  • Event name: ABE Initiative Reporting and Networking Session 2022(Tunisia and Algeria)
  • Date: December 1, 2022 (Thursday)
  • Organizer: JICA Tunisia Office
  • Location: Online (Algeria, Tunisia, and Japan)


  • 11 ABE ex-participants
  • 7 current participants studying in Japan (ABE 7-9th batch)
  • 10 participants from 7 Japanese companies either stationed in Algeria or Tunisia, as well as Japanese companies interested in both countries

(In total 36 participants)


Opening Remarks
TSUJII Ryo, of JICA Tunisia Office

Presentations: ABE ex-participants and a current participant

  • HALLEB Aymen, ABE 4th batch from Tunisia
  • MILI Mohamed Zied, ABE 5th batch from Tunisia
  • JABBERI Mouhanned, ABE 8th batch from Tunisia (Current Participant)
  • BOUREK Mourad, ABE 2nd batch from Algeria

Presentations: Introduction and Feedback from Japanese Companies

  • TAKEKOSHI Kumiko, Japan Strategic Capital Co., Ltd.
  • NORO Hiroyoshi, DIVE INTO CODE Corp.
  • SUZUKI Tatsuya, Mikawa Genki Monogatari co.,Ltd

Closing Remarks
UENO Shuhei, Chief Representative of JICA Tunisia Office


With the goal to cultivate "navigators" that support African businesses between African industrial human resources and Japanese companies, JICA implements the ABE Initiative (African Business Education Initiative for Youth), which is aimed at providing African youth opportunities for obtaining a Master's degree from Japanese universities and implementing internships in Japanese companies.

This event was conducted online, connecting Algeria, Tunisia, and Japan. The main objectives were 1) Strengthening the ties among ABE ex-participants and current participants, hereafter the ABE students for both, and 2) Liaising with Japanese companies that have an interest in hiring and/or working with ABE students, and for ABE students to understand the human resource needs of Japanese companies as a reference for their future career development.


The event began with opening remarks from the JICA Tunisia Office, followed by an overview of JICA projects in Tunisia and Algeria and an introduction of the ABE Initiative.

JICA Tunisia provided an opportunity for ABE students who wish to speak at the event to share their achievements during their stay in Japan, their activities after returning to their home countries, and their prospects for collaboration with Japanese companies. The presentations and discussions provided a meaningful time for ABE students to see a key to enhance networks amongst ABE students. Also, the presenters of Japanese companies, those who are interested in business collaboration with ABE students from both countries, gave presentations on their business outlines and what kind of human resources they are looking for in ABE students in three fields: strategic investment, ICT-related educational services, drone business. During the Q&A session that followed, ABE students asked many questions and a lively discussion ensued.

PhotoPresentation by an ABE ex-participant (HALLEB Aymen, ABE 4th batch from Tunisia )

PhotoPresentation by an ABE ex-participant(MILI Mohamed Zied, ABE 5th batch from Tunisia)

PhotoPresentation by a Japanese company (NORO Hiroyoshi, DIVE INTO CODE Corp.

By connecting the two countries of Tunisia and Algeria in Africa with Japan, the ABE students, both old and new, were able to strengthen their relationship and build new networks with ABE student beyond organizations, fields of expertise, and national borders. The ABE ex-participants renewed their spirit and role as a "Navigator" as well as the current ABE participants learned the secrets to spend a more meaningful time to study in Japan from their seniors. For the Japanese companies that attended, it was an opportunity for them to learn more about the ABE Initiative and the ABE students.

JICA will continue to enhance the network of ABE students and promote more cooperation between ABE students and Japanese companies, aiming to develop more human resources to serve as a bridge between African countries and Japan.

PhotoGroup photo of the ABE Initiative Reporting and Networking Session 2022 (Tunisia and Algeria)


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