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Master's Degree and Internship Program of African Business Education Initiative for Youth (ABE Initiative)

February 1, 2023

ABE Initiative Introduction & Networking Meeting in Uganda


  • Event name: ABE Initiative Introduction & Networking Meeting in Uganda
  • Date: February 1, 2023 (Wednesday)
  • Organizer: JICA Uganda Office
  • Location: Kampala, Uganda


  • 9 ABE ex-participants
  • 24 people guests from the government of the Republic of Uganda, Embassy of Japan in Uganda, Japanese companies in Uganda,
    Japanese companies participating in the Uganda Business Tour.

(In total 43 participants)


Opening Remarks
INOUE Yoichi, Chief Representative, JICA Uganda Office

Introduction of guests and self-introductions by participants
LUBEGA Paul (Moderator), JICA Uganda Office


  • "Introduction of ABE Initiative Program & My experience in ABE"
    -AYELLA Paul (ABE 3rd batch)
  • "Good practices after coming back to Uganda/ Developing business in Uganda"
    -BWIRE Denis (ABE 3rd batch, Video Presentation)
    -KATALO Ronald (ABE 3rd batch)
    -AJOK Robinah (ABE 3rd batch)

Remarks from Ambassador of Uganda to Japan
H.E. KAAHWA Tophace
Remarks from Ambassador of Japan to Uganda
H.E. FUKUZAWA Hidemoto

Meeting with ABE ex-participants/ Japanese companies/ Ugandan business-associated institutions


With the goal to cultivate "navigators" that support African businesses between African industrial human resources and Japanese companies, JICA implements the ABE Initiative (African Business Education Initiative for Youth, hereinafter ABE), which is aimed at providing African youth opportunities for obtaining a Master's degree from Japanese universities and implementing internships in Japanese companies.

The event was conducted as face-to-face session in Kampala city. The main objectives were 1) Enhancing the ties among ABE ex-participants as well as provision of an opportunity to build relationships with Japanese companies as "navigators" between Uganda and Japan, and 2) Providing an opportunity to understand an overview of the ABE program and business situations in Uganda, as well as to interact with ABE ex-participants for future collaborations.


At this event, a few ABE ex-participants gave presentations on their achievements during their stay in Japan, their activities after returning to their home countries, and the formation of businesses with Japanese companies. The participants actively discussed several inspirational cases that ABE ex-participants working on: Such as, 1) Introducing start-up business in agriculture in Uganda after completion of ABE and other PhD courses in Japan; 2) Utilizing irrigation technology learned in Japan and seeking collaboration with Japanese companies; 3) Working in a real estate business to convert household waste into renewable energy, targeting low-income people, with business partners in Japan and Senegal; and 4) Working with a Japanese company in Uganda to contribute to public health and medical services. It was exciting to discuss future perspectives of partnerships with Japanese companies and that all attendees had a meaningful time. The event was attended by not only Japanese companies in Uganda but also Japanese companies participating in the Uganda Business Tour, providing an opportunity to network between ABE ex-participants with Japanese companies interested in business collaboration.

PhotoPhoto of the venue

In remarks from Ambassador of Uganda to Japan, the Ambassador emphasized the importance of strengthening further bilateral relationship with Japan based on the ABE program and of contribution to their own society by the skills and technologies learned by the ABE program in Japan and expressed his sincere gratitude for the support of Japan to Uganda, including ABE program. Also, Ambassador of Japan to Uganda gave his kind remarks to attendees, that he was impressed by the efforts of ABE ex-participants after returning to their home and showed his high hopes for them. Such warm messages from both Ambassadors encouraged ABE ex-participants to promote further business collaboration between Uganda and Japan.

PhotoInteractive time with Guests

PhotoGuests listening the session

PhotoInteraction between ABE ex-participants and Japanese companies

After the remarks, the participants, including the government officials of Uganda, Japanese companies in Uganda, Japanese companies visiting Uganda on ICT business tours and ABE ex-participants, interacted with each other at the venue. Moreover, they had fruitful discussions together, developing new networks. Through this event, ABE ex-participants renewed their spirit and role as " navigator" and got motivated to take further actions. It was also a good opportunity for Japanese companies to deepen understanding about the ABE program and potential business partnerships with ABE ex-participants.

JICA will continue to strengthen the network of ABE graduates and current students and promote collaboration between ABE ex-participants and Japanese companies, aiming to develop more human resources to serve as a "navigator" between Uganda and Japan.

PhotoGroup Photo


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