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Topics & Events

December 2, 2021

The launch of a Grassroots Project on Sanitary Environment for Sustainability in Mzimba District of Malawi

PhotoYoshikawa-San of Color bath making a presentation of the project during the briefing

Poor sanitation has negative implications in infection prevention efforts thereby increasing maternal and neonatal deaths from sepsis and diarrhea. It is said that poor sanitation and unhygienic practice is one of the major reasons of under-five child deaths in Malawi. As a result, a Japanese NGO called "Color bath" came up with a project to promote good care of the sanitary environment in Malawi under "JICA Partnership Programme", where JICA supports and cooperates with the implementation of projects formulated by Japanese NGOs, Japanese local governments, and Japanese universities. In collaboration with JICA Malawi, Color bath launched a project to improve capacity of health workers and communities in sanitary environment in the southern part of Mzimba District. On December 2nd, Color bath briefed stakeholders in a district executive committee meeting by outline the project schedule from December, 2021 to January, 2024. During these two years the project intends to provide trainings to health workers and communities on sanitation using solar boilers which will help the hospital and health centre to sterilize medical equipment. This will also reduce the use of wood to produce energy since they heavily rely on firewood to sterilize equipment, in the long run serving forests. Heavy dependence on wood for meeting its energy needs is one of the drivers of deforestation in Malawi. So it is expected that the project will also bring positive impact economically and environmentally.


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