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Cooperation Activities

To assist the efforts by the people and the Government of South Africa for achieving sustainable development, JICA is extending its support in line with the priority areas of Japan's assistance policy for South Africa as below.

TCP: Technical Cooperation Project, Ex: Individual Expert, CFT: Country-focused Training,
SATREPS: Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development

1. Promotion of Human Capacity Development and Infrastructure Development

(1) Program for the Cultivation of Industrial Human Resources

  • Quality and Productivity Improvement (KAIZEN) Project (TCP)
  • Project for Capacity Development of Pilot TVET Colleges for Artisan (TCP)
  • Mathematics Education Policy Advisor (Ex)
  • Development of Teaching Skills of Teachers in Elementary Arithmetic (CFT)

(2) Program for High-Skilled Human Resources Through Mutual Cooperation

(3) Support Programes for the Development of Public and Economic Infrastructure

  • Non-Revenue Water Control for Executive Officials of Municipalities (CFT)
  • Public Finance Management for Development (CFT)

2. Promotion of Participation of vulnerable groups in Social and Economic Activities

(1) Program to Correction of Economic and Social Disparities

  • Advisors for Smallholder Horticulture Empowerment and Promotion (Ex)
  • Smallholder Horticultural Empowerment and Promotion (SHEP) (CFT)
  • Advisor for the Respite Care Programme for Children with Disabilities and their Families (Ex)

(2) Program for Capacity Building in Health Sector

  • Project on Health Financing Management at District Level (TCP)

3. Promotion of Regional Development in Southern Africa

(1) Program Supporting for Common Issues in the Region

  • The Project for Capacity Development on Smooth Operation of OSBPs on the North- South Transport Corridor (TCP)
  • Advisor for Supporting Scaling-up of Water Supply Infrastructure through Non-Revenue Water Control (Ex)


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