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Activities in Tanzania


Project on Capacity Building for Tanzania Revenue Authority


On June 13, 2017, JICA and Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) agreed to implement a "Project on Capacity Building for Tanzania Revenue Authority in the United Republic of Tanzania". This is a second project, proceeding to where the first project ended. The first technical cooperation between JICA and TRA started on March 2012 and was implemented for four years until March 2016 after the extension of one year from March 2015.

In the first project the concentration was on the Institute of Tax Administration (TRA training arm) of which the project developed basic taxation courses for new tax officers joining TRA. Some of the key courses developed in the first phase include the revision of Taxation Basic Course and the development of Taxation Advanced Course, Electronic Accounting System course, International Taxation Course and Sector-based Workshop on Extractive Industry.

In the first phase, TRA trained 390 tax officers (as of April 2016) with the support from JICA and the National Tax Agency from Japan. To continue the good work done in the first phase, the Government of Tanzania requested the second phase, which its implementation began on November 2017 and it will be implemented until December 2021.

Project Duration

November 2017 to December 2021

Overall Goal

TRA strengthens "Continual Improvement" to increase domestic revenue.

Project Purpose

The "Institutional Capacity" to fill the skills gap in TRA is enhanced.

Project Output

  1. Training Programs offered by the Institute of Tax Administration (ITA) are refined/improved.
  2. Coaching and Mentoring Program initiated by Human Resources and Administration Department (HRAD) is enhanced.
  3. Career Development framework across each job grade and specialization is further elaborated.

A Summary of Key Achievements

Up to October 2020 the project managed to develop and refine the following taxation courses (1) Taxation of Extractive Industry, (2) Taxation of Construction Industry, (3) Taxation of International Property, (4) Taxation of Telecommunication and (5) Tax Audit, as Output one.

It is worth noting that identification of coaches was done successfully of which 485 coaches were identified by May 2021, and coaching and mentoring guiding materials were successfully developed. Moreover, "Job descriptions and Scheme of Service" was reviewed and became the foundation for future talent management and human resource development under the authority.

Below (on the left) is the picture of the trainee receiving his certificate of a training for taxation on telecommunication course in June 2021. On the right is the training session of taxation on telecommunication course.



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