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Press Release

April 13, 2022

JICA Set to Make Dar es Salaam Livable, Vibrant and Sustainable

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has been supporting the transport sector in Tanzania for over 40 years. JICA and the Government of Tanzania have signed the Record of Discussions (RD) of the Technical Cooperation Project titled "Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) for Dar es Salaam". Indeed, TOD, which will be jointly implemented for the first time in Tanzania's economic development trajectory, is a way to plan (in advance) and organize an efficient and convenient urban development in connection with the public transport infrastructures and services. It is one of the concrete strategies to decongest Dar es Salaam as proposed in the Transport Master Plan supported by JICA in 2018.

In response to the request from the Government of Tanzania, JICA dispatched a Detailed Planning Study Team to Tanzania from 3 February, 2022 to 8 February, 2022 for the Project for TOD for Dar es Salaam. The Team held a series of discussions with the President's Office - Regional Administration and Local Government (PO-RALG), Dar Rapid Transit Agency (DART), and other stakeholders to develop a detailed plan for the Project.

The Project overall goal is to promote Transport Oriented Development (TOD) pragmatic methodology in the urban planning of Dar es Salaam. The Project purpose is to enhance the capacity of relevant institutions to use TOD method for urban planning, and improve mobility along the BRT lines and establish coordination mechanisms for planning and implementation. The duration of the Project is 36 months from June 2022 to May 2025.

The Project concept involves technical transfer and capacity building in various forms such as co-working, on-the-job training, and seminar with respect to the plan for officials of the concerned stakeholders.

Connectivity with other modes of transport in other stations will be improved. Feeder bus network information (route maps, bus stops, frequency, operating time, and fares) will be incorporated. Another expected output of the Project is improved access to BRT stations safely, comfortably, and efficiently. Terminals will be designed in a user-friendly manner.

Furthermore, the Project will generate TOD Guidelines and TOD Strategies as guiding documents describing TOD, roles and responsibilities of organizations, the process of TOD planning and implementation to show urban structure with the hubs, terminals, and nodes on the transport networks on all the planned BRT corridors in Dar es Salaam.

In the future, and upon adherence to Guidelines and Strategies, and implementation by stakeholders, the TOD Project will lead to sustainable development of the city of Dar es Salaam. Undoubtedly, the city will be desired, liveable, regional economic gateway in Eastern and Central Africa. The Project will bring about a vibrant economy with efficient activities, a society with equal opportunity for all, and a quality of life with a safe and pleasing environment.

For more information, please contact:
Mr. Henry R. Kajange
JICA Tanzania Office
Tel: +255-787-464-620
E-mail: Kajange-Henry@jica.go.jp

PhotoTOD along BRT in Bogota, Colombia (WB Report)

PhotoTokyo (Central) station, Japan (JICA)


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