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Activities in Zimbabwe

Outline of the Project

Project Name

Quality Improvement in Health Sector through 5S-Kaizen-TQM method


Republic of Zimbabwe

Project Site

Central Hospital:Harare Central Hospital(The City of Harare), Parirenyatwa Hospital(The City of Harare), Mpillo Central Hospital(The City of Bulawayo), United Bulawayo Hospital(The City of Bulawayo)

Province Hospital:Bindura(Mashonaland Central Province), Marondera(Mashonaland East Province), Mutare(Manicaland Province), Masvingo(Masvingo Province), Gweru(Midlands Province), Gwanda(Matabeleland South Province), Chinhoyi(Mashonaland West Province)

District Hospital: Kadoma General Hospital(Mashonaland West Province)

Term of Cooperation

October 2019 to October 2021

Implementing Organization

Ministry of Health and Child Care (MOHCC)


The National Health Strategy formulated by MOHCC for the period from 2016 to 2020 set a goal of further improvement of the quality of medical services in the Republic of Zimbabwe (hereinafter "Zimbabwe").

Although the average life expectancy and under-five mortality rate in the country are 61 years old and 36.5/1,000 births respectively in 2017 (World Bank 2017), much improved compared with those in 2002, the overall health situation is still severe. The deteriorated economic situation since 2000 has had a significant negative impact on the health sector as well, resulting in the outflow of human resources and the lack of supplies.

Based on the request of the Government of Zimbabwe, JICA has supported the introduction of 5S activities, which is originally a quality control approach developed from the Japanese industry, to hospitals. JICA invited the health officers of the Ministry of Health and Child Care and the core hospitals to the technical training on 5S and KAIZEN in the health field held in Japan, Egypt and Tanzania. JICA also invited the government officers with extensive experience in those countries to Zimbabwe as instructors of 5S and Kaizen activities.

From FY2016, Individual Expert ("Quality Improvement in Health Sector through 5S-Kaizen-TQM method") was dispatched to introduce 5S activities in 10 pilot hospitals. As a result, some hospitals have continued to practice 5S activities autonomously.

Through this support, it is expected that the expansion of 5S, Kaizen, TQM approach will help strengthen the organizational structure of medical facilities and foster an organizational culture that emphasizes the quality of healthcare services.

Note: 5S, KAIZEN, and TQM (Total Quality Management), which is a quality control approach that originated from the manufacturing industry in Japan, is a highly effective approach to improve the quality of healthcare services. 5S is regarded as an approach of KAIZEN.

(Reference) Quality Improvement of Health Services through 5S-KAIZEN-TQM approach

Project Purpose

Strengthen the 5S-KAIZEN program that contributes to improved medical services at the pilot sites.


OUTPUT1: Develop the capacity of 5S-KAIZEN system in the central and local governments (Province).

OUTPUT2: Formulate 5S-KAIZEN teaching materials (handbook, pocket-guide, guidelines, etc.).

OUTPUT3: Develop the capacity of human resources in the pilot hospitals.

OUTPUT4: Share with good practices of the 5S-KAIZEN program with relevant stakeholders.

Project Activities


1-1: Collect and analyse needs and issues from the counterpart (C/P).
1-2: Based on the analysis content of 1-1, plan and provide training program for health personnel in central and local governments.


2-1: Scrutinize the existing teaching materials.
2-2: Collect and analyze the needs for teaching materials from the C/P.
2-3: Formulate teaching materials (handbook, pocket-guide, guidelines, etc.) after reflecting the analysis.


3-1: Provide training for strengthening the capacity of management, refresher training for the MOHCC and central personnel.
3-2: Provide KAIZEN training and workshops at pilot hospitals.


4-1: Collect and organize efforts related to good practices (knowledge) of 5S-KAIZEN.
4-2: Conduct a workshop to share good practices (knowledge) of 5S-KAIZEN.




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