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March 2, 2022

My African Business Education (ABE) Initiative Experience

My name is Sabina Baut, I have been working in administration for over five years at the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce. I have an interest in coordination and operational activities within an organization. The opportunity to further my studies and broaden my skills from an international perspective has been a great experience.

PhotoSabina Baut

Currently, I am studying towards a Master's Degree in International Business with Rikkyo University in Tokyo Japan, through the JICA ABE Initiative. The program will enhance my skills from an international standpoint and foster relations between the two countries leading to private sector engagements.

I look forward to the necessary knowledge and skills for personal and career growth, and learning the Japanese language during my studies. This opportunity will also help me grow my network of friends and colleagues, as well as possible partners for creating business opportunities in Zimbabwe.

I have started the program remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The major challenge with attending online lectures is the time difference; I have to start my day as early as 0200am or 0300am CAT. On a day with back-to-back lessons, it is physically and emotionally draining, from being on the computer from 0200am to around 1100am or 12noon. However, the remote lessons have allowed me to be a part of the class and other activities and I have not missed real time lessons or activities. Online learning affords me the same experience as other students joining from different countries, as I am a part of the programs even when I am not physically in Japan.

The JICA ABE initiative is not only about the academic but has great support programs within the initiative itself. This has been an important feature of the program as one has the necessary social and academic support through seminars and networking events.


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