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May 31, 2022

JICA Zimbabwe beneficiaries hail the Nyakomba Irrigation Project

People from Nyakomba Irrigation Scheme sing praises on the benefits the project has availed their way. Nyakomba Irrigation Development, a project that has spanned over two decades with different project implementations including irrigation development, follow up replacement and repairing of the pump and flood protection structures by improving water level control, distribution, and flow measurement for existing irrigation facilities for over 700 hectares of land benefiting over 800 smallholder farmers in Nyakomba Irrigation Scheme's Blocks A, B, C and D.


Over the years, the Irrigation scheme has created the necessary resilience to rainfall variability, mitigation against drought and climate change and enhanced food security through all year crop production. Below are some sentiments of Nyakomba Irrigation beneficiaries (3 Farmers and 1 Extension Officer).

Farmer 1:

"This project has elevated us in a big way. We were living in the utmost poverty but now other people look up to us. When people come to my house, they cannot believe the upgrades I have done and the level of development that is as a result of farming. I have managed to build my home and buy livestock and farming equipment. In addition, I am now able to take my children to boarding school, to feed my immediate and extended family as well as my friends. I came from the lowest point, where I didn't have a lot, but now, even if my husband says I do not have money for school fees, I just say to him, don't worry I have it covered I have the money. I just want to say, may JICA continue to roll out such projects because the benefits are not just for us but it's a seed that will benefit future generations as well."


Farmer 2:

"We are so thankful; this Japanese irrigation project has helped us a lot. We were struggling in Nyakomba but this project has helped our irrigation scheme, we are now staying in beautiful houses, our children are now able to eat good food, wear lovely clothes that are befitting for children, go to school with complete school uniform and paid up school fees. To hear of someone from the irrigation scheme with debt at the schools, is now a thing of the past because we always have income from our horticultural activities across all seasons. Additionally, you will not hear of our children lacking ‘sadza' or going hungry, we at the irrigation schemes are blessed. We are actually helping people who live in dry areas as they are struggling, as well as helping our parents who live in other areas. This irrigation scheme has really blessed us, we hope JICA continues to assist us and proceeds to build Block E, so that our country will have food in abundance."


Farmer 3:

"This project has helped us so much. A lot of us were not able to take children to school but now our children are excelling at school. We now have houses to live in, we no longer use cow dung on our floors but now use floor polish, all this through farming and the scheme. We have managed to help those in other areas who have been struggling by letting them come and help on our farms and we give them some form of sustenance. We are expecting to work even harder and encourage others who are still struggling to engage as well. We are so grateful, hunger has left our homes and we ask God to give us the strength to continue with this program."


Extension Officer:

"I would like to thank the Japanese government, specifically with the SHEP project which they introduced to Nyakomba Irrigation. It has been a capacitating program to the Extension Officers. It has built confidence in us, especially on delivery of agricultural aspects, specifically horticultural production and the training they offered us. The farmers also managed to build confidence in themselves on matters of market research. They are now able to approach areas that they thought are unapproachable. Basically in the irrigation scheme, the farmers are now productive and gender equity and equality was introduced through SHEP. I thank the Japanese government for the construction and repairing of the pumps, they are fully functional and producing sufficient water for production. The yields have increased and we are now doing farming as a business."



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