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December 5, 2019

Chief Representative Message on the Signing of the Loan Agreement on December 5, 2019 for the Mombasa Gate Bridge Construction Project


Ladies and Gentlemen;

  • I am honored to see this day of the signing of the Loan Agreement for the Mombasa Gate Bridge Construction Project.
  • I would like to thank the Government of Kenya for years of cooperation which made this day possible.
  • Especially I would like to thank the Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani for his leadership in his effort to maintain steady economic growth of Kenya and his policy on fiscal consolidation to make our efforts to be sustainable.
  • I would like to re-emphasize our continuous effort to support The Big Four. We have been supporting Universal Health Coverage, Food Security, Affordable Housing and Manufacturing through different schemes such as technical cooperation, loan and grant assistance. Today, we add the Mombasa Gate Bridge in support of Manufacturing sector.
  • With the signing of the Loan Agreement, JICA will provide 47 billion 800 million Japanese Yen in support of the Mombasa Gate Bridge Construction Project Phase I as a concessional loan.
  • The interest rate shall be 0.1 percent annum for civil works and equipment and 0.01 percent annum for consulting service.
  • The repayment period is 40 years; 12 years of which will be the grace period.


Ladies and Gentlemen;

  • Mombasa Gate Bridge Construction Project is another project with long standing history. The project concept started as the Likoni Crossing Plan in 1984. It has taken 35 years to actualize this project.
  • The objective of the project is to mitigate traffic congestion and facilitate efficient transportation and logistics, by constructing a bridge linking Mombasa Island and South Mainland (Likoni area) and related roads improvement thereby contributing to stimulation of regional economic activities and economic development in Kenya and neighboring countries.
  • This project will not only enhance connectivity to the land-locked countries through the enhancement of Northern Corridor but also provide connection to Tanzania. This project is a part of a co-financing scheme with African Development Bank's Bagamoyo-Horohoro / Lunga Lunga-Malindi Road Project, which will further promote the connectivity with Tanzania. Through this Flagship Bridge, we will enhance trade and economic connectivity within East Africa Community.
  • From the perspective of Japan, I am also happy to see this project as it will be an example of Quality Infrastructure masterpiece. The main bridge span will be about 1.3 km; the longest cable-stayed bridge in Africa.
  • In parallel, to Mteza Bridge, with the bridge span of 1.5 km, is one of the "longest" bridge in Sub-Sahara Africa, will be constructed as part of the Mombasa Port Area Road Development Project. This one will be the "longest" bridge in Kenya. I am therefore happy to see the two of the "longest" bridges in Sub-Sahara Africa being implemented in Mombasa city.


  • Before I end, please allow me to mention the painful incident of Miss Mariam Kighenda and her four year old daughter who lost their lives on September 29 this year. As you all know, there have been tragic incidents happening at Likoni Ferry with unnecessary deaths of a mother and child. We can reduce these incidents by building a permanent crossing across the channel to enable easy and free movement of people in and out of the Mombasa Island.
  • Please note that Mombasa Gate Bridge is not only for economic growth, but also for safety of people - saving lives.

Thank you.

Loan Amount (Million JPY) Interest Rate (%/year) Repayment Period (year) Grace Period (Year)
Civil and Equipment Consultant Service
Mombasa Gate Bridge Construction Project (I) 47,800 0.1 0.01 40 12

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URL: https://www.jica.go.jp/press/2019/20191206_41.html (Japanese)

PhotoConceptual Drawing of the Mombasa Gate Bridge 1

PhotoConceptual Drawing of Mombasa Gate Bridge 2


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