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November 25, 2019

Complete the Project for Institutional Capacity Development of South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC)


The Project for Institutional Capacity Development of South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC), started in December 2012, successfully completed in March 30, 2019.

After South Sudan's independence on 9th July 2011, there was an increased demand for building a new democratic country increase the need for development of professional, free and independent media to support nation building. Under such circumstances, the Government of South Sudan requested the Government of Japan to implement a technical cooperation project through JICA aiming to enhance the organizational capacity of SSBC. In response, the Project for Institutional Capacity Development of SSBC was initiated and launched in December 2012. The project aimed at developing human resources at SSBC to be able to deliver accurate, fair and impartial information to the people of South Sudan.


Alongside dispatch of Japanese experts in various fields, the project organized several trainings both in country (Juba) and outside (third countries). Due to the armed conflicts that occurred in December 2013 and July 2016 followed by the worsening security in Juba, the project could not continue to implement activities in Juba. Instead, series of trainings were conducted in third countries from 2013-2015 as well as from 2016 to the end of the project period. A Series of trainings were implemented in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and the UAE to enhance the capacity of the SSBC staff. The trainings were in form of On the Job Trainings (OJT), Training of Trainers (TOT) and tours of other broadcasting corporations within the region such as Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) in Uganda, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) in Kenya, Rwanda Broadcasting Association (RBA) in Rwanda and SONY Dubai in UAE to share and exchange ideas.

The training areas were on broadcast machine parts management, programme production, news editing and reporting and information sharing within the institution. A total of 19 experts were dispatched to South Sudan and other third countries from the beginning to the end of the project in March 2019 to provide trainings in (1) leader/Broadcasting Institution Management/Democratization, (2) Equipment Management, (3) Programme Production, (4) News Reporting, (5) Coordination/Democratization and (6) Human Resources Development/Monitoring

PhotoTraining session for Engineers


JICA provided several equipment for SSBC through the project which was supported technically by the project experts who provided the specifications. The procured equipment included the following;

  1. TV Studio Equipment
  2. Radio Audio Equipment
  3. Television Audio Equipment
  4. Editing Equipment
  5. Dummy Load
  6. Software Update for TriCaster, the digital switcher in the TV Studio and
  7. Equipment to protect from lightening and Equipment to strengthen the file base broadcasting system of SSBC.

PhotoTV Tri-caster and Monitor

PhotoSSBC TV Studio


The project goal was to transform SSTV/R into a public broadcaster now South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC) and enhance the capacity of its staff to deliver accurate and fair information to the people of South Sudan. With this in mind, the government of South Sudan established the Board of Directors in accordance with the three media laws, which were the Public Broadcasting law, Media Authority Law and Right of Access to Information Law and appointed new Managing Director for SSBC. The project's overall goal has been achieved as; 1) Broadcasting hours for TV and Radio increased, 2) Coverage area also increased, 3) Number of programs increased and 4) Variety of programs also increased. This was owed to the successful completion of all the project activities. In addition, the project was able to develop the following deliverables in the course of its implementation;

  • Resolution Policy for Issues related to the Conversion into Public Broadcaster
  • Program Guideline for SSBC
  • Journalist Code of Ethics
  • Short-Term Roadmap Towards Public Broadcaster
  • Broadcasting Equipment Operations, Management and Maintenance Manual
  • Reporters' handbook

Furthermore, the project also formulated the Middle/Long Roadmap, a 5-year action plan that targets digitalization reforms, monitoring and future consideration for SSBC.

Way forward:

The project was terminated in March 30 2019 after successfully completing all its activities despite the many challenges including evacuation of the Japanese staff from Juba in 2016 for two years leading to the implementation of project activities in a third country increasing the cost of operation. However, the project team (Japanese/South Sudanese) maintained their trust to ensure ends meet. Thanks to the management and staff of SSBC for their hard work and commitment throughout the project period. During the handover ceremony, the project office, vehicle and other equipment were handed over to the management of SSBC. The Undersecretary Ministry of Information, Telecommunication and Postal Services attended the handover ceremony including Representatives from the Embassy of Japan and JICA South Sudan, the Chairperson Board of Directors and the Managing Director of SSBC. The Government of South Sudan was very thankful to the Government Japan for their continued support in terms of capacity building and equipment even during difficult times. The Undersecretary expressed that the project greatly improved the quality of programs aired at SSBC and the signals are very clearer. The Embassy of Japan expressed that they would continue to collaborate with SSBC for more areas of support as media is a crucial tool for peacebuilding.

JICA South Sudan Office is still engaged in more discussions with the management of SSBC to seek further areas of collaboration to improve the broadcasting situation at SSBC.

PhotoChairperson BOD Prof. Zaza, Undersecretary MOI Justin & SSBC MD Magok

PhotoJICA Project & Project Vehicle


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