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Topics & Events

July 6, 2022

Ethiopian Highland Leather (EHL) Website Launched

EHL's website is now available on the Ethiopian Leather Industries Association (ELIA) homepage, which has been a part of EHL's promotional activities. The site mainly introduces EHL's brand story, which is said to be the origin of mankind and has produced a variety of products throughout its long history, one of the world's highest sheep populations, and leather manufacturing is an industry-created in the context of Ethiopia's traditional and sustainable way of life. Additionally, the site shows scientific analysis results of the characteristics of EHL and the certification system for tanneries supported by the project.

Furthermore, in the fashion industry, which is said to have a high environmental impact, social and environmental considerations have become indispensable. This website also introduces the sustainable aspects of EHL. For example, EHL's leather is made from recycled by-products of the meat production process, scarred leather is upcycled by tie-dye techniques without waste, plant-derived materials are used instead of chemicals to tan hides, and recycled materials such as old tires are used in some of the products. In this way, we hope that this site will help promote the understanding of the values and initiatives that cherishes as a brand, and attract the interest of a large growing number of people.




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