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July 6, 2022

EHL[1] Technical transfer between partner companies

A three-day technical training session from 4th July was held between companies which are supported by the project. One bag company, which specializes at mesh technique, gave a mesh technique training to another company which produces gloves. The mesh technique, where the leather is cut into long and thin strips and woven into another piece of leather that has notches, allows scars on the surface of leather to be concealed and it makes the effective use of low-quality leather.

The bag company that had originally used this technique to make bags from cowhide leather was trained by a Japanese expert, who provided technical assistance on the mesh technique using soft Ethiopian Highland Leather. As a result, this company has grown to be successful with mesh bags, even obtaining orders from European customers.

The company receiving the training, came to Addis Ababa all the way from a city in northern Ethiopia. During the first day of training they learnt the process of making notches, and cutting leather into long and thin strips, and then woven. The second day focused on another technique of weaving. The third day they learnt how to cut meshed material to match the glove-shaped pattern.

The glove company took the materials back to their own factory in order to complete the sewing with a finely detailed mesh design. Both companies were able to grow through the training session; not only the one being trained, but also the one giving training. We are proud to say that the growth of Ethiopian companies by supporting one another is one of the project's many achievements.


  • [1] EHL: "Ethiopian Highland Leather," a sheepskin leather brand launched in the first phase of this project.

PhotoThe craftsman who is teaching (left) & the craftsman being trained (right)

PhotoJapanese expert giving instruction (right)

PhotoA craftsman practicing mesh technique

PhotoGlove from the meshed material


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