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Water Resources and Water Supply


Japan's Experiences on Water Supply Development

Main Report Texts Slides
For Training Presentation
Japan's Experiences on Water Supply Development: Overview (PDF/929KB) (Power Point/4.22MB)
Theme 1. Sector Governance and Regulation for Nationwide Full Coverage of Water Supply Service (PDF/2.23MB) (Power Point/4.55MB)
Theme 2. Water Supply System: from Water Resources to Distribution (PDF/2.87MB) (Power Point/5.52MB)
Theme 3. Water Quality Management (PDF/2.49MB) (Power Point/2.51MB)
Theme 4. Operation and Maintenance of Facilities (PDF/865KB) (Power Point/4.47MB)
Theme 5. Reducing Non-Revenue Water (PDF/2.00MB) (Power Point/4.97MB)
Theme 6. Financial Management: Finance and Tariffs (PDF/1.78MB) (Power Point/5.73MB)
Theme 7. Institutional Management: Governance, Human Resources Development, Consolidation of Water Utilities, Public-Private Partnerships (PDF/1.82MB) (Power Point/1.28MB)
Case Study 1. Collaboration among Water Utilities: Japan Water Works Association (PDF/2.80MB) (Power Point/8.06MB)
Case Study 2. Water Resources Development: Yodo River System, Okinawa Prefecture and Fukuoka City (PDF/1.60MB) (Power Point/3.61MB)
Case Study 3. Sustainable Groundwater Use and Prevention of Land Subsidence: Osaka City and Saitama Prefecture (PDF/1.43MB) (Power Point/1.21MB)
Case Study 4. Block Distribution System for Equitable, Efficient and Resilient Distribution :Yokohama City and Fukuoka City (PDF/1.42MB) (Power Point/2.30MB)
Case Study 5. Water Tariff Design with Understanding of Customers: Kyoto City (PDF/1.11MB) (Power Point/5.47MB)
Case Study 6. Water Supply Service with Customers’ Voices: Osaka City, Tokyo Metropolitan, Chiba Prefecture, Yahaba Town (PDF/2.03MB) (Power Point/4.84MB)
Appendices Texts Slides
List of Terminology (PDF/217KB) -
Chronological Table (PDF/193KB) -
Water Supply Act and Local Public Enterprise Act (PDF/773KB) -

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