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RESPONSIBILITIES OF NGO AFFAIRS BUREAU/NGO局の役割 The NGO Affairs Bureau will discharge the following responsibilities:
- Arrange one-stop service for NGO registration and processing of project proposals.
- Approval of project proposals submitted by NGOs, releasing funds, appointment of expatriate officials/consultants and their tenure of service.
- Scrutinize and evaluate various reports and statements submitted by NGOs.
- Link, Coordinate, monitor, inspect and evaluate NGO programmes.
- Approve receipt of contributions by NGOs.
- All other matters relating to NGOs

The Bureau will be responsible for maintaining communication with concerned Ministries/Agencies on the above subjects and obtaining their views when required.

Ministers/divisions of the Government and their subordinate offices will consult the Bureau prior to entering into any agreement/Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with foreign and foreign assisted Bangladeshi NGOs.

For approval of NGO projects, implementation of progrmmes and their monitoring, the following principles will be adhered to :

  • Evidence of proper implementation of NGO programmes within the bounds of relevant laws and policies of the government.
  • A project of the Government's national development plan or any component thereof may be implemented through an NGO. The Government maintains that the NGOs will carry forwarded its goals for national development and act as a complementary force to Government efforts.
  • The responsibility of registration and renewal of registration of foreign and foreign assisted NGOs will lie with the Bureau as per provision of the Foreign Donations (Voluntary Activities) Regulation Rules,1978. Before registration of such organizations, clearance of Ministry of Home Affairs shall be obtained. In case of renewal of registration, past performance of the organization will be taken into consideration.
  • All NGOs will keep their programmes within the confines of the projects approved by the Government. Project proposals will have to be submitted to the Bureau for approval. The Bureau will approve the projects within 45 (forty five) days of their receipt, after obtaining opinions of the concerned Ministry/Division.
  • The concerned Ministry/Division, on receipt of an NGO's project proposal through the Bureau, will have it examined by its planning cell or through any other means and communicate its opinions to the Bureau. Objections on any point of the project proposal, suggested modifications or extensions should be described in detail. Concerned Ministry/Division will monitor implementation of approved projects through their subordinate Departments/Directorates/Offices, and if any project activity crosses the limits of approved project design or appears to be detrimental to national interest, it will be brought to the notice of the Bureau.
  • The Divisional Commissioners will monitor and coordinate the programmes of NGOs working within their Divisions. On behalf of the Divisional Commissioner, an additional Divisional Commissioner will discharge this responsibility.
  • Deputy Commissioners will monitor the programmes of NGOs in their respective districts on behalf of the Bureau. At the district level, they will review the activities of NGOs in the district in monthly coordination meetings.
  • The banks maintaining accounts of NGOs for funds from abroad (in both foreign currency and Bangladeshi taka) will, every 6 (six), submit a statement on foreign funds to the Bangladesh bank and the Director General, NGO Affairs Bureau.
  • The Bangladesh Bank will submit statement on foreign funds received through NGOs to the Director Genera of NGO Affairs Bureau and the Economic Relations Division every six months.
  • No Bank shall deliver any foreign fund to the concerned NGOs without the Bureau's letter of approval for releasing the fund.
  • If any complaint against an NGO in respect of misappropriation of funds, wasteful expenditure and unauthorized activity is proved, necessary actions will be taken.
  • All expenditure exceeding taka 10,000 (ten thousand) will be payable by bank cheques. However, payment of salary and allowances to officers and employees of NGOs shall have to be made through bank accounts.

Application procedure

- Interested organizations first shall have to apply for NGO Affairs Bureau registration. The applicants have to address to the Director General, NGO affairs bureau under section 3 (1) of the foreign donations (voluntary activities) Regulations Rules 1978.
- Application for registration has to be submitted in FD-1 form with 9 (nine) copies.
FD-1 form Annexure-1 (PDF/198KB)

1) Supporting documents

  • Constitution of the organization,
  • A list of the members of the executive committee,
  • Plan of operation, location of the area of operation and letter of the intent of the donor agency/agencies

Registration Fee

Registration fee for Foreign NGOs is $1000 (one thousand USD) or equivalent of local currency.

Connection with Ministry of Home Affairs

- Applicant NGOs must follow assigned terms and conditions elaborately in the letter of registration.
- Copy of the letter of registration will be endorsed to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Economic Relations Division, concerned Ministries, Divisional commissioner(s), Bangladesh Bank and concerned Deputy Commissioner(s).

Terms and conditions of Foreign NGOs who are interested to support Bangladeshi NGOs

  • Bangladeshi NGOs receiving aid must be registered under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance, 1961.
  • The project proposal and proposed plan of operation of the Foreign NGO must be approved by the NGO Affairs Bureau. The project proposal must contain a detailed description of the aid receiving organizations and the plan of disbursement of funds. In addition, those NGOs will ensure that the project has been implemented in accordance with the conditions of project approval.

Registration Fee

The renewal fee is US $500.00 (five hundred US dollar) for the foreign NGOs.

Application Procedure

- Application for the renewal of registration (for a period of 5 years) must be submit ed to Director General, NGO Affairs Bureau 6 (six) months prior to the expiry of registration.
FD-1 form Annexure-1 (PDF/198KB)

Supporting documents

- Two copies of treasury Challan (copy of fee payment), showing deposit of fee for renewal of registration.
- Organization's constitution, list of the members of the executive committee and the minutes of the annual general meetings.

Application Procedure

- Foreign NGOs will have to submit 9 (nine) copies of the project proposal inFD-6 form (Annexure-2) to the Director General of NGO Affairs Bureau.
FD-6 form Annexure 2(PDF/210KB)

- Foreign NGOs which do not directly implement any project but provide funds to different NGOs will have to submit project proposal prepared in FD-6 form (Annexure-2) along with FD-2 form in three copies for release of fund.
FD-2 form (PDF/108KB)

Rehabilitation Project

Rehabilitation Project holder NGOs need to submit proposal in details in prescribed proforma FD-6 (Annexure-2)
FD-6 Annexure 2 (PDF/210KB)

Disaster and Post-disaster Emergency Relief Programme

NGOs willing to undertake emergency relief operations with foreign assistance during disaster/post-disaster period need to submit relief programme in FD-7 form (Annexure 3).
FD-7 form Annexure 3 (PDF/87KB)

Additional forms required for Project Approval

FD-6 form Annexure A (PDF/113KB)
FD-6 form Annexure B (PDF/25KB)
FD-6 form Annexure C (PDF/79KB)

Connection with concerned Ministry

- It is NGO Affairs Bureau's responsibility to deal with concerned Ministry regarding the proposed project. If the concerned Ministry has any objection about the project or recommends modification of the project, the arguments in favor of such objections or modifications will have to be communicated to the Bureau in detail.


Application Procedure

- Foreign NGOs will have to submit FD-2 form (Annexure-4) in triplicate for receiving foreign assistance for the first year at the time of submission of Project Proposal.
FD-2 form Annexure 4 (PDF/108KB)

- Statement on foreign donations received and spent in the previous year will have to be submitted at the same time in FD-3 form (Annexure 5) form in triplicate.
FD-3 form Annexure 5 (PDF/131KB)

- To utilize the access Taka gained due to fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates and interest increment in bank account NGOs have to submit project proposal in FD-6 form in triplicate.
FD-6 form (PDF/210KB)

- Note:If the maintenance and operational costs of established or on going concerns such as, educational institutions, prayer houses, hospitals, charitable dispensaries, missions, etc. are to be met from foreign donations, the NGOs will have to apply to the Bureau in FD-8 form (annexure 6) form with 9 (nine) copies together with relevant papers.
FD-8 form Annexure 6 (PDF/111KB)

Maintenance of Accounts of Foreign Donations

  • NGOs receiving foreign donations will channel the account through a single specified account in a scheduled bank.
  • Bangladesh Bank will send half-yearly returns (statement) of such foreign exchange receipts of NGOs to NGO Affairs Bureau and Economic Relations Division in the months of July and January each year.
  • The vouchers of expenditures will be preserved for five years in the central office of the NGO. Field level offices will preserve copies of the vouchers of their expenditure for five years.
  • NGOs must maintain their books of accounts on foreign donations in the following manner:

(1) If foreign assistance received in kind then in
FD-5 form Annexure 11 (PDF/92KB)

(2) Through cash book and ledger book under Double Entry System in case of foreign monetary assistance.

  • The accounts will be maintained on a half yearly basis, starting from 1st July to 31st December and the other from 1st January to 30th June.

Appointment of Foreign Specialists/Consultants/Officials:

- For appointment or extension of the tenure of appointment of expatriates in approved projects, Foreign NGOs need to apply in FD-9 Annexure 7 form to the Bureau.
FD-9 form Annexure-7 (PDF/94KB)

Receipt and Utilization of Foreign Contribution

- Prior approval must be obtained from the Bureau/concerned Ministry in cases of both receipt and delivery of foreign contribution. If the contribution relates to voluntary activities, application should be addressed to Director General, NGO Affairs Bureau. No enquiry by the Minister of Home Affairs will be required if the recipient NGO is registered with NGO Affairs Bureau.

- Recipient NGOs need to apply in FC-1 form (Annexure-8) in five copies
FC-1 Annexure 8 (PDF/109KB)

- Donor need to apply in FC-2 form (Annexure 9) in five copies
FC-2 form Annexure 9 (PDF/43KB)


Inspection and Audit of Accounts (to be maintained by NGOs)

- For auditing yearly accounts of NGOs, NGO Affairs Bureau will prepare a list of Chartered Accountants as per the Bangladesh Chartered Accountants Order, 1973. NGOs shall have to get their accounts audited by a Chartered Accountant so enlisted and shall bear all the audit expenses from their project fund.

- The NGOs will ensure audit of accounts within two months of termination of the financial year. The organizations will submit to NGO Affairs Bureau 3 copies of the audit report. This will contain detailed information as to whether project expenses have been made in accordance with the conditional ties approved by the Bureau. The auditor will furnish a certificate in FD-4 (Annexure 10) form with his report.
FORM FD-4 Annexure 10 (PDF/135KB)