Monthly Updates(2023年9月)

JICA緒方貞子平和開発研究所メールマガジン - Monthly Updates (2023年9月)
峯研究所長らがThink 7(T7)Japanサミット「Addressing Crises, Reigniting Sustainable Development, Bridging the G7 and G20」に登壇


報告書「Transforming and Building Resilient Economies in Africa: Resetting Priorities for the Policy Agenda in the Post-Covid 19 Era」
論文「Impact of the Interest Rate Ceiling on Credit Cost, Loan Size, and Informal Credit in the Microfinance Sector: Evidence From a Household Survey in Cambodia」
論文「The Gendered Impact of Rural Road Improvement on Schooling Decisions and Youth Employment in Morocco」
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